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Who's The Top? screens at:
The Wythe Hotel's Pride Celebration Film Festival curated by Jonathan Caoutte in a program called QUEER & BENT on Saturday June 28 at 4:00pm.

Who's The Top?, which premiered at Berlin Film Festival in 2005, has won six short film awards. Please see the screening section for more detailed information on upcoming and past screenings.

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The Top

From the director of the unforgettable Paris is Burning comes a fantastical S/M musical comedy in which one writer finds her true self by determining who's the bottom.

Who's The Top? is a short film directed and written by Jennie Livingston. Livingston produced and directed the award-winning feature documentary Paris is Burning, which recently was named by New Yorker Magazine as one the top cultural works out of NYC in the last 40 years, and the short film Through The Ice which screened at Sundance in 2006. Who's The Top? was produced by Ruth Charny (Love Liza, Grace of My Heart) and Laura Teodosio (Love Is Strange). The film stars Marin Hinkle of CBS's Two and a Half Men and ABC's Once and Again along with Brigitte Bako of Showtime's upcoming series The G-Spot and Shelly Mars from A& E's Role Reversal and the upcoming Bettie Page. The cast includes Steve Buscemi, Reno, and Maureen Angelos; Who's the Top? also features twenty-four Broadway dancers as well as choreography by John Carrafa, who was nominated for two Tonys in one year for Urinetown the Musical and Into the Woods.


Alixe is in love with Gwen, which is good, because they live together. But sometimes Gwen feels Alixe isn't all there. Alixe, a young poet, is often distracted by her obsession with the bad-boy poet and adventurer CYMON Blank, and by heated fantasies of scary, yet hot, gangs of women in leather. Would Gwen try a little kink from time to time? No thanks. Gwen thinks their sex life is just fine -- and that CYMON is pretentious.

When Alixe travels to San Francisco to interview CYMON for a new literary zine, Gwen is worried. And for good reason: Alixe immediately runs into two old friends, Buzz and Mars, full-time "sex radicals."

Is Alixe and Gwen's sexual disagreement the cause of their problems, or are their problems the cause of their sexual disagreement? And how should an artist nurture her vision: by seeking adventures on the edge or by staying home and writing poems? What's more real, our fantasies, or what we actually do? In Who's the Top? there are no right answers, just musical numbers.